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CF 039: Communicating Chiropractic

Communicating Chiropractic  Today we’re going to talk about communicating chiropractic and chiropractic utilization. What am I talking about? Stick around But first, here’s that bumper music OK, we are...

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CF 038: w/ Dr. Jerry Kennedy – Chiropractic Marketing Done Right

Chiropractic Marketing Done Right Today we’re going to be talking about Chiropractic marketing done right with The owner of Black Sheep DC, Dr. Jerry Kennedy who describes himself as...

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CF 037: Stretching Before Playing. What’s the Verdict?

Stretching Before Playing. What’s the Verdict? Today we’re going to talk about stretching before playing. We’ll go through some research and hopefully give you a general idea of what...

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CF 036: A MishMash Of Research on Chiropractic, On Herniation, Trends, and Ineffectiveness

A MishMash Of Research on Chiropractic, On Herniation, Trends, and Ineffectiveness Today we’re going to talk about research on Chiropractic, research on health trends, and research on disc herniation...

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CF 035: Chiropractic & Disc Herniations

Chiropractic and Disc Herniations Today we’re going to kick around information on disc herniations, disc bulging, and radiculopathy as a result. Is there anything we can do about it?...

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CF 034: Chiropractic Information To Help You Form Your Practice

Chiropractic Information To Help You Form Your Practice Today we’re going to talk about a couple of interesting articles that have come out recently touching on some chiropractic information...

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Behind The Mic

Chiropractor in Amarillo - Chiropractic Forward

Dr. Jeff S. Williams, D.C.

Show Host

After 20 years in practice, thousands of patients, and years of blogging on evidence-based practice and chiropractic validation through research, Dr. Williams has something to say. Dr. Williams has been quoted several publications including Reader’s Digest. Dr. Williams has been married to wife Meg since 1996 and they have two children. A son, Jake, and a daughter, Jocelyn. Hobbies and interests include entrepreneurship, marketing, being a musician, a songwriter, a singer, being a sculptor of bronze fine art, being a pencil and charcoal artist, and doing woodwork including building live edge custom pieces. Dr. Williams also believes strongly in giving back through philanthropy and has started a local group called 100 Men Who Give A Damn in Amarillo, TX focused on gifting funds to local small to medium-sized non-profit organizations.

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