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Jeff S. Williams, D.C.

Show Host & Producer

After 20 years in practice, working for and with other doctors, treating thousands of patients, owning a busy practic, and years of blogging on evidence-based practice and chiropractic validation through research, Dr. Williams has something to say.

In addition to being a local television segment expert on Chiropractic and spinal health in Amarillo, TX, Dr. Williams has also been quoted in several publications locally, including Reader’s Digest nationally. Dr. Williams was also a speaker at the state Chiropractic conference called ChiroTexpo ’17 in Dallas, TX at the Hyatt Regency put on by the Texas Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Williams has been married to wife Meg since 1996 and they have two children. A son, Jake, and a daughter, Jocelyn. Hobbies and interests include entrepreneurship, marketing, being a musician, a songwriter, a singer, being a sculptor of bronze fine art, being a pencil and charcoal artist, and doing woodwork including building live edge custom pieces. Dr. Williams also believes strongly in giving back through philanthropy and has started a local group called 100 Men Who Give A Damn in Amarillo, TX focused on gifting funds to local small to medium-sized non-profit organizations.

About Our Show

A podcast addressing Chiropractic care today. Where chiropractors have been and where Chiropractic seems to be headed as well as how integrated chiropractic practices can play a part in the healthcare landscape today and tomorrow.

Each week, Chiropractic Forward discusses how research, evidence, and experience puts Chiropractic Care firmly in consideration for integration into the mainstream healthcare. Advanced chiropractic knowledge, learning, and active chiropractic protocols have been clinically proven to be effective for mechanical pain. The newest recommendations coming from the medical world align chiropractic with the most effective protocols currently available for back and neck pain.

Join Thousands of Listeners Worldwide

Not only is Chiropractic the third largest doctoral level healthcare discipline, is helping patients avoid surgical intervention daily, is safe, conservative, & non-invasive, but it is also the emerging profession poised to be first in line to address the opioid epidemic. Join the thousands of practitioners and patients around the world hungry for solid information about Chiropractic and where the profession is headed.

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Dr. Williams is actively involved in private practice. Generating this podcast is time-consuming not to mention the energy that is required to arrange and present the information. 

Any and all financial help is welcome to continue and grow the show. If we can make Chiropractic Forward the premier Chiropractic podcast, then we can ensure the  information and research shared here will permeate the population in a positive way.