Chiropractic Forward Podcast: Introduction and Welcome

I want to first welcome everyone to the Chiropractic Forward Podcast.

I am Dr. Jeff Williams and I’m your guide & host for this Chiropractic Forward journey.

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The Chiropractic Forward Podcast is a podcast focused on addressing Chiropractic care today. Where chiropractors have been and where Chiropractic seems to be headed as well as how integrated chiropractic practices can play a part in the healthcare landscape today and tomorrow.

Each week, Chiropractic Forward Podcast discusses how research, evidence, and experience puts Chiropractic Care firmly in consideration for integration into the mainstream healthcare. Advanced chiropractic knowledge, learning, and evidence-based chiropractic protocols have been clinically proven to be effective for mechanical pain. The newest recommendations coming from the medical world align chiropractic with the most effective protocols currently available for back and neck pain and we want to share this information with the world in an entertaining yet educational way.

The goal for me personally is to bring more awareness to the body of research that has come before us and continues to emerge as we speak. Research that has, and continues to, validate a profession that has historically been embattled and ridiculed.

The Chiropractic Forward Podcast will deal with papers dealing with topics from strokes, neck pain, back pain, low back pain, headaches, migraines, and tons of other topics. These papers will, over time, paint the picture clearly that the chiropractic profession is ideally positioned to step in and effectively and conservatively serve as a viable treatment for uncomplicated neuromusculoskeletal, biomechanic issues.

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On top of that, if you would, we need your help in sharing out message. Sharing our links, our updates, and our messages is the best way for us to accomplish a lofty goal.

Healthcare professionals, by and large, are not out looking for research that validates what chiropractors do so it is my opinion that it is up to us to tell them. WE are responsible for making sure the message not only HEARD but that it is also RECEIVED.

Thank you for visiting us at the Chiropractic Forward Podcast.

Upward, Onward, and Forward!

Jeff S. Williams, DC

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