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Today we’re going to be talking about Chiropractic marketing done right with The owner of Black Sheep DC, Dr. Jerry Kennedy who describes himself as a Chiropractor, a chiro coach, a podcast host, a relationship marketing nerd, and a chiropractic meme wizard. All great descriptions. Dr. Kennedy sounds as busy as I am.

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OK, we are back. Welcome to the podcast today, I’m Dr. Jeff Williams and I’m your host for the Chiropractic Forward podcast.

You have hoofed it into Episode #38


We have a great guest that I have become familiar with through a couple of my favorite private Facebook groups. One being the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance and the other being Evidence-Based Chiropractic. We are departing a little from our regular format today and I want to tell you why I asked Dr. Kennedy to be a guest on our podcast today. He’s got it figured out when it comes to Chiropractic marketing.

First, I’m a bit of a nerd myself when it comes to Chiropractic marketing. I didn’t claim to be an amazing marketer but I love it. Just the concept of marketing. The thought of marketing. I love the simple fact that using one color vs. the other can make a complete difference in the success of a campaign. It’s fascinating is what I’m saying.

With that being said, Dr. Kennedy is known for relationship marketing. I admit I hadn’t heard the term before hearing Dr. Kennedy use it but I love it because, from what I can tell, it describes me to a tee.

While Dr. Kennedy is agnostic in regards to whether someone practices in an evidence-based way or practices in a more philosophical based practice, I feel his way of approaching patients and approaching practic-building exactly lines up with my way of building relationships through evidence-based means. Like I said, “Chiropractic marketing done right.”


Dr. Kennedy is not sponsoring this show and I am not a member of Black Sheep. I just like what he’s doing and want you all to know about it. I like the spirit of giving and, down the road, Chiropractic Forward is going to be given opportunities to get our name out there because of it. That’s the way the world works in my experience. Give and ye shall receive.

I think we were both given the gift of gab so this episode should just be a great conversation on Chiropractic and Chiropractic Marketing done the right way.

Welcome Dr. Kennedy

So here we go, “Welcome to the show Dr. Kennedy we are so glad to have you with us today. Where are you coming to us from today?”

I already gave you a so-so intro because I’m not really that interesting overall but, to be comprehensive here, can you tell us more about yourself? I don’t want to leave any high points out like kids and all the really important stuff.

Now, I’ve done my homework and listened to several of your podcasts but still don’t know……why call it Black Sheep DC or Black Sheep Chiropractor?

Relationship-based Chiropractic Marketing

Let’s get into what we’re here for Relationship-based chiropractic marketing. I believe I know what it means to me and I’m pretty sure I know how you mean it but would you describe it for us if you don’t mind?

Would you agree that Relationship Chiropractic marketing works well for those already running a patient-centered practice? By patient-centered, I mean docs that are doing what is best for the patient rather than what is best for their practice goal numbers they’re trying to hit that particular month. For me, those are doctor-centered practices. I just wanted to be clear on my thought process just in case our definitions of patient-centered vs. doctor-centered were different.

Types of marketing

In your program, are you advising on internal and external Chiropractic marketing strategy or is it mostly and in-office and social media thing?

I remember in one of your podcasts, you mentioned how you can’t sit around on your butt expecting things to get better. I’m paraphrasing here but it reminded me of a Dan Kennedy saying he calls YCDBSOYA which stands for You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Ass. At the beginning of my chiropractic career, I’d say that was an issue with me. Mostly because I didn’t know what it was I needed to be doing. Ignorance in general when it came to marketing.

Without giving away any of your secrets, those are reserved for your members, what advice do you try to give people to get them involved in the community and basically get them off their butts?

If I remember right, you are a proponent of the newsletter for Chiropractic marketing – How do you keep them fresh? I send weekly emails to an email list but have to admit, it’s hell keeping it new and fresh.

Any solid opinion on Direct Mail – Yea or nay?

Is there a new wave of the future when it comes to marketing that people are missing right now? Things like maybe Periscope or Virtual Marketing…..or something else I don’t know about yet?

Chiropractic Marketing Memes

One thing we have in common, we have a knack for creating memes. I love them and I love making them. It’s an outlet for my sarcastic, smart-aleck side to come out in hopefully a fun way. Two of your more recent ones I loved would be the one with the stunned looking kid and the caption reads, “That moment you realize a successful business is the key to being a successful chiropractor.”

Those of us that have been in the mix a while know this usually through painful experience. What was the impetus for this one?

The other more recent one that cracked me up a little bit was the guy saying Whoa there….if you’re going to tell me how to adjust you, it’s going to cost you extra. I think we’re all familiar with the reason for that one.

Black Sheep DC Podcast

You recently stopped your free podcast after 184 episodes.  Tell us a little about that decision and did you get any pushback on that?

What would be your overriding goal for each person that signs up for your Chiropractic marketing programs?

This is the one somewhat challenging question. It’s been my opinion my whole professional life that patient-centered docs hopefully get their patients over the complaint fairly quickly, effectively, and cost-efficiently while doctor-centered practices are busy trying to hit certain numbers, seeing patients many more times than current guidelines and recommendations allow, and claiming to have effects on conditions there is little to no good research for.

Without getting you to take sides, throw rocks, or any of that…… and without trying to stir the pot too much, how in your opinion, is it possible for a subluxation, philosophical-based, 100 visits a year style of a practitioner to also be patient-centered and relationship-based Chiropractic marketing?

Tell us where listeners can find you and connect with you if they’re interested in relationship marketing and in learning more about Back Sheep DC

Thank you so much for joining us……

Before you all go,

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Integrating Chiropractors

I want you to know with absolute certainty that when Chiropractic is at its best, you can’t beat the risk vs reward ratio because spinal pain is a mechanical pain and responds better to mechanical treatment instead of chemical treatments.

The literature is clear: research and experience show that, in 80%-90% of headaches, neck, and back pain, patients get good to excellent results when compared to usual medical care and it’s safe, less expensive, and decreases chances of surgery and disability. We do it conservatively and non-surgically with little time requirement or hassle for the patient. If done preventatively going forward, we can likely keep it that way while raising overall health! At the end of the day, patients have the right to the best treatment that does the least harm and THAT’S Chiropractic, folks.

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Being the #1 Chiropractic podcast in the world would be pretty darn cool.

We can’t wait to connect with you again next week. From the Chiropractic Forward Podcast flight deck, this is Dr. Jeff Williams saying upward, onward, and forward.



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