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CF 001: The Chiropractic Forward Podcast Introduction – Evidence-Based,

Hey world. Welcome to our very first episode of Chiropractic Forward Podcast! It’s going to be better than stepping on Legos barefooted. Here in episode number one, we’re going to speak a little bit about what Chiro Forward means to me, why a podcast dealing with this is necessary, and why right now is the...

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CF 002: Research Information – Integrating Chiropractors Into Overall Healthcare System

We going to talk a little about Canada in this episode. We’re going to talk about small town healthcare. And we’re going to tell you about a great research project paper that is suggesting that Chiropractors have a lot to offer mainstream medicine. In a recent article that I wrote, I mentioned how the Canadian...

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CF 003: Great News: Chiropractic Outpaces Muscle Relaxants

Great News: Chiropractic Outpaces Muscle Relaxants Hey hey, Dr. Jeff Williams with the Chiropractic Forward podcast coming to you directly from the flight deck at Creek Stone Care in icey Amarillo, TX and you have stumbled head first into Episode numero 3. Welcome welcome, this week we’re going to be talking about people that I...

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CF 004: And Instantly, Treatment of Back Pain Changes Due To Increase In Opioid-Related Deaths

This week we’re going to discuss some attacks on the profession in the not-so-distant past, we’ll talk about the current state of the opioid epidemic, and we’ll talk about why right now is such a good time for what is going on with Chiropractic research. Before we get to the meat of the subject this...

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CF 005: Valuable & Reliable Expert Advice On Clinical Guides For Your Practice

This weeks’s entry is going to be a little long and it’s definitly more geared to chiropractic practitioners rather than patients or potential patients. Unless you are a patient that is just a little bent toward practice protocols and I just don’t know very many of those types of patients. I can see where a...

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CF 006: With Dr. Tyce Hergert: Astounding Expert Information On Immediate Headache Relief

This episode is all about headaches, it highlights one service dressed up and parading around as another sort of like it’s Halloween or something, and we’ll tell some personal stories about what we have seen in practice during our years of service to our patients. It should be a good one. We are excited to...

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