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CF 007: Awesome Alternatives To High Blood Pressure Treatment

In today’s podcast, we are going to talk about high blood pressure, what happens, how many people it affects, and what we may be able to do to help it. Today is all about high blood pressure and I’m going to admit to you….in researching for this week’s podcast, even I learned new things about...

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CF 008: With Dr. Craig Benton – Brand New Information Based on Results Chiropractic Proven Effective For Low Back Pain

Today’s episode is all about chronic low back pain and some great, brand new research. By now, as I’ve said in the past, even traditional Chiropractor-hating, torch-wielding, quasi-scholastic chiropractic detractors are admitting that, yes, Chiropractic is indeed helpful for low back pain. If you love what you hear, be sure to check out www.chiropracticforward.com. As...

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CF 009: With Dr. Tom Hollingsworth: The Case Against Chiropractic In Texas

We’ll be talking about any and every past attack on chiropractic in Texas and on our profession by the medical field heavyweights…..what’s at risk and why. In addition, we’ll be sharing some personal opinions, some facts, some research….and we’ll be discussing what you all can do to help if you are an active person that wants...

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CF 010: Surprise Unique Information Shows Chiropractic May Work On The Brain Too

Surprise Unique Information Shows Chiropractic May Work On The Brain Too Welcome to the Chiropractic Forward podcast. I am your host Dr. Jeff Williams and we’re exctied to have you along for the ride. In today’s show, we’re going to talk about how chiropractic may work in the brain itself rather than how it affects...

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CF 011: With Dr. Tyce Hergert: It’s Here. New Guides For Low Back Pain That Medical Doctors Are Ignoring

This week, we are talking about acute and non-acute low back pain. What are current healthcare guidelines? Why does it matter to chiropractic patients and non-chiropractic patients and are those in the medical field getting (and implementing) the information? I’m Dr. Jeff Williams and I’m your host for the Chiropractic Forward podcast where we talk...

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CF 012: Proven Means To Treat Neck Pain

Proven Means To Treat Neck Pain In today’s podcast, we are going to talk about research on how to treat neck pain but hopefully in a fun way. We like to have fun on the Chiropractic Forward podcast. Let’s face it, research can be a bit boring so why not try to have some fun...

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