Outdoor Play, Screentime, And The Impact Of Exercise

CF 271: Outdoor Play, Screentime, And The Impact Of Exercise

Today we’re going to talk about outdoor play, screen time, and the impact of exercise.

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  OK, we are back and you have found the Chiropractic Forward Podcast where we are making evidence-based chiropractic fun, profitable, and accessible while we make you and your patients better all the way around.   We’re the fun kind of research. Not the stuffy, high-brow, look down your nose at people kind of research. We’re research talk over a couple of beers.   I’m Dr. Jeff Williams and I’m your host for the Chiropractic Forward podcast.  I’m so glad you’re spending your time with us learning together.   Chiropractors – I’m hiring at my personal clinic. I need talent, ambition, drive, smart, and easy to get along with associates. If this is you and Amarillo, TX is your speed, send me an email at creekstonecare@gmail.com   If you haven’t yet I have a few things you should do.

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  You have found yourself smack dab in the middle of Episode #271   Now if you missed last week’s episode, we talked about Spinal Manipulative Therapy Adverse Events & SMT With Lumbar Herniation. Make sure you don’t miss that info. Keep up with the class.  

On the personal end of things…..

Things are still back on the growth pattern here at my clinic, we are on the right path.   Part of what I’ve tried to do here at 50 years old, is to start trying to diversify in a way that I can begin to remove myself gradually from my practice.   I started removing my face from marketing years ago when I read a Dan Kennedy book where he said, how can you sell something that is tied up only in you, your image, and only your abilities to perform the function? Made a lot of sense to me.  

I wanted my clinic to be more of a brand that stands on its own rather than something that depends solely on my full time involvement. So that was step one. Now, to be clear, our social media marketers think I have to be involved so I am but, as soon as we get an associate in place, they will be the majority of the presence.   Step 2 has been to be able to replace my income if the bottom were to completely fall out of the deal. Belly up.

Kablam….here’s a nuclear COVID bomb coming to destroy my practice.

Would I survive financially??

Well, we know from COVID that I would survive. I’d be unhappy but I’d make it. But what if I gradually start turning more and more of my patients over to an associate and then a second associate? Well, through real estate investing, through voice over (which is going gang busters), through Board Certifications giving me other opportunities in the medicolegal and speaking realms, and…..if I’m honest, I can make a gob of cash playing the guitar and singing if I wanted to….then lets look at it. I could bail out completely today if I wanted and voice over by itself has almost replaced my salary and the rest is gravy on the top.  

Also on the horizon, I have an opportunity, under the right conditions, to sell 60% of my practice to an investment group and that would set us up for retirement and for success riding into the sunset.   So, steps 1 and 2 are firmly in place. Now step 3.   I need an associate, then I need another once DC 1 is up and running and full. With 2 in place, I begin to work on the clinic instead of in it and that’s exciting. But I have to find one that will come to Amarillo and love it like I love it. Love the people. Love our staff and love our clinic.   We’ll see. I’m on the hunt.   Just some thoughts about what’s going on in my corner of the world. It’s been interesting and I expect it will only get more and more interesting in the very near future.    

Item #1 The first on today is called, “Outdoor Play as a Mitigating Factor in the Association Between Screen Time for Young Children and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes” by Mika Sugiyama and published in Jamapediatrics on January 23, 2023. Dayum. That’s hot. Why They Did It To investigate whether higher screen time at age 2 years is associated with neurodevelopmental outcomes at age 4 years and whether this association is mediated by frequency of outdoor play at age 2 years 8 months.  

How They Did It Standardized scores for communication, daily living skills, and socialization domains of the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale, second edition, at age 4 years were used (mean [SD], 100 [15]). The mediating factor was frequency of outdoor play at age 2 years 8 months, with 6 or 7 days per week coded as frequent outdoor play.  

What They Found

  • Of 885 participants, 445 children (50%) were female; mean (SD) screen time per day was 2.6 (2.0) hours.
  • Causal mediation analyses revealed that higher screen time at age 2 years was associated with lower scores in communication at age 4 years (non-standardized coefficient b = −2.32; 95% CI, −4.03 to −0.60), but the association was not mediated by frequency of outdoor play.
  • Higher screen time was also associated with lower scores in daily living skills (b = −1.76; 95% CI, −3.21 to −0.31); 18% of this association was mediated by frequency of outdoor play. Frequency of outdoor play was associated with socialization (b = 2.73; 95% CI, 1.06 to 4.39), whereas higher screen time was not (b = −1.34; 95% CI, −3.05 to 0.36).

  Wrap It Up

  • Higher screen time at age 2 years was directly associated with poorer communication at age 4 years.
  • It was also associated with daily living skills, but frequency of outdoor play at age 2 years 8 months alleviated it, suggesting outdoor play mitigated the association between higher screen time and suboptimal neurodevelopment.
  • Future research should specify the nature of the associations and intervention measures, enabling targeted interventions that reduce the potential risk in screen time.

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Item #2

Our last one this week is called, “Massive study uncovers how much exercise is needed to live longer” by Sara Berg, MS and published in American Medical Association on October 26, 2022. Hot potato!  

Why They Did It

They author wanted to know how many minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity are needed to lower the risk of premature mortality?  

How They Did It

From two large prospective U.S. cohorts, 116,221 adults self-reported leisure-time physical activity—defined as exercise that is not done at work—through a validated questionnaire. The questionnaire was repeated up to 15 times over the course of 30 years.  

What They Found

  • The study found that those who worked out two to four times beyond the minimum physical activity recommendations had a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease.
  • Those who worked out two to four times above the moderate physical activity recommendations—about 300 to 599 minutes each week—saw the most benefit.
  • Participants had a 26% to 31% lower all-cause mortality while 28% to 38% had lower cardiovascular mortality. On top of that, 25% to 27% experienced lower non-cardiovascular mortality.
  • Additionally, adults who worked out two to four times more than the vigorous physical activity recommendations—about 150 to 299 minutes per week—were found to have 21% to 23% lower all-cause mortality, according to the study. They were also reported to have 27% to 33% lower cardiovascular mortality and 19% lower non-cardiovascular mortality.


Wrap It Up

This study suggests there is no harmful effect of high, long-term vigorous physical activity on cardiovascular health. More studies are needed to better understand the effects of high amounts of vigorous physical activity on cardiovascular outcomes and to identify the optimal amount and intensity of long-term exercise for health benefits.   Alright, that’s it. Keep on keepin’ on. Keep changing our profession from your corner of the world. The world needs evidence-based, patient-centered practitioners driving the bus. The profession needs us in the ACA and involved in leadership of state associations. So quit griping about the profession if you’re doing nothing to make it better. Get active, get involved, and make it happen.   Let’s get to the message. Same as it is every week.   Store Remember the evidence-informed brochures and posters at chiropracticforward.com.    

Purchase Dr. Williams’s book, a perfect educational tool and chiropractic research reference for the daily practitioner, from the Amazon store TODAY!

Chiropractic evidence-based products

Integrating Chiropractors

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The Message

I want you to know with absolute certainty that when Chiropractic is at its best, you cant beat the risk vs reward ratio because spinal pain is primarily a movement-related pain and typically responds better to movement-related treatment rather than chemical treatments like pills and shots.


When compared to the traditional medical model, research and clinical experience show us patients can get good to excellent results for headaches, neck pain, back pain, and joint pain to name just a few.


It’s safe and cost-effective can decrease surgeries & disability and we do it through conservative, non-surgical means with minimal hassle to the patient.


And, if the patient treats preventatively after initial recovery, we can usually keep it that way while raising the overall level of health!


Key Point:

At the end of the day, patients should have the guarantee of having the best treatment that offers the least harm. When it comes to non-complicated musculoskeletal complaints….


Thats Chiropractic!



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We cant wait to connect with you again next week. From the Chiropractic Forward Podcast flight deck, this is Dr. Jeff Williams saying upward, onward, and forward.




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