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CF 040: w/ Dr. Brandon Steele: Chiropractic Standardization & The Future of Chiropractic

w/ Dr. Brandon Steele: Chiropractic Standardization & The Future of Chiropractic

Today we’re going to talk with Dr. Brandon Steele about a lot of stuff but specifically, we’ll talk about Chiropractic standardization, educational advancement, and the future of chiropractic. Stick around for an awesome discussion with an extremely sharp doctor on the forefront of our profession.

Integrating Chiropractors

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Welcome Dr. Brandon Steele

We have a special guest with us this week. As I said from the top we have Dr. Brandon Steele with us today. He is a very respected speaker and has the awesome chance to travel all over doing just that. 

I first became aware of Dr. Steele when I began taking courses in the DACO program. Dr. Steele is one of the instructors and I got to sit in a classroom for two days listening to him cover everything we needed to know about the shoulder. 

I also much have some full disclosure here I think. Dr. Steele is a co-owner of ChiroUp with Dr. Tim Bertlesman and I’m a user/subscriber of ChiroUp. But, ChiroUp isn’t sponsoring this episode. I haven’t received a thing from them. Not even a free membership. Cough cough… 

Seriously though, I’m having Dr. Steele on today because we think a lot alike from what I can tell, I love what they are doing with the DACO program, and I love where I think ChiroUp can help take our industry down the road in regards to Chiropractic standardization & the future of chiropractic. So, without further adieu…….

Questions for Dr. Brandon Steele

Welcome to the show Dr. Steele. Let’s start off with the obligatory question of, “What made you decide to be a chiropractor?”

In our discussion in Dallas, you told me that you’ve moved around a bit. Where are you from and what led you to St. Louis?

I have seen the terms evidence-based and evidence-informed used for what we do and must admit my ignorance of the subtle differences here. I have assumed that, since I follow research, guidelines, and things like that, that I am indeed what is referred to as an evidence-based chiropractor. Can we assume the same about you? 

When exactly did you decide to start traveling more in the direction of evidence and research rather than the philosophical route in the profession? Was there an aha moment?

Tell me a little bit about your hilarious alter-ego, the wide-lapeled chiropractic huckster we see you play in videos from time to time on the ChiroUp Facebook page. 

Part of the idea of being more into the research and being based or informed with the evidence, I think, is Chiropractic standardization…. to standardize our profession to some extent as well as increasing the level of education of the run of the mill chiropractor. We know we don’t have a low level of education at all so….can you go into that a little bit for us? What do you mean when you speak about Chiropractic standardization & the future of chiropractic?

Tell me everything about the DACO program. What got you involved with the DACO program originally?

Our regular listeners should be well-aware of you, Dr. Tim Bertlesman, and ChiroUp at this point. I’ve been pumping your tires for a bit. How did you and Dr. Bertlesman become acquainted with each other and then decide to go into business together?

Questions About ChiroUp, Chiropractic Standardization, and the Future of Chiropractic

Now, tell us a bit about ChiroUp. It feels like to me that it is really starting to hit its stride. I think ChiroUp is huge for Chiropractic standardization & the future of chiropractic.

Obviously, you want it to be successful for your own financial reasons….we all want to see our businesses to well….. but don’t you see something more than that for the profession coming out of ChiroUp? How do you think ChiroUp can affect or change our profession for the better in the years to come, for the future of chiropractic?

What is in the future for ChiroUp as far as updates, functionality…..things like that?

Questions About Dr. Steele’s Speaking Events

What are some of your upcoming speaking events so people can come to see you do your thing?

How can listeners find you on social media or on the internet and contact you or learn more about you and what you do?

So there you have it folks, Dr. Brandon Steele. There’s no doubt you loved this podcast episode as much as I did. The future is bright for Chiropractic standardization & the future of chiropractic.

Integrating Chiropractors

I want you to know with absolute certainty that when Chiropractic is at its best, you can’t beat the risk vs reward ratio. That’s because spinal pain is a mechanical pain and responds better to mechanical treatment instead of chemical treatments.

Chiropractic Description

The literature is clear: research and experience show that, in 80%-90% of headaches, neck, and back pain, patients get good to excellent results when compared to usual medical care and it’s safe, less expensive, and decreases chances of surgery and disability.

It’s done conservatively and non-surgically with little time requirement or hassle for the patient. If done preventatively going forward, we can likely keep it that way while raising overall health! At the end of the day, patients have the right to the best treatment that does the least harm and THAT’S Chiropractic, folks.

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We can’t wait to connect with you again next week. From the Chiropractic Forward Podcast flight deck, this is Dr. Jeff Williams saying upward, onward, and forward. 



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