CF 079: w/ Dr. Kris Anderson – FQHC, Chiropractic Research, and Professionalism

Today we’re going to be joined by a special guest Dr. Kris Anderson from North Dakota. Yes, North Dakota’s finest is here to tell us about some of the stuff he’s got shaking and there’s a lot of stuff shaking thanks to this amazing guy. 

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Chiropractic evidence-based products

Integrating Chiropractors
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OK, we are back. Welcome to the podcast today, I’m Dr. Jeff Williams and I’m your host for the Chiropractic Forward podcast.  

You have collapsed into Episode #79


We’re here to advocate for chiropractic while we also make your life easier using research and some good solid common sense and smart talk. 


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Let’s talk a bit about the DACO program. I’m still studying. Nothing sexy there. I will say that the second time through the material is really really valuable. At least for me it is. I forget so much. Especially being 46. Not only am I older and I don’t remember things at the level I once did, but I also think I’m undiagnosed ADD. 

If I see anything shiny, man, I’m off in a completely different direction. When you have computers and phones dinging at you all the damn time, it’s tough. I have tried to minimize my notifications on the electronics. I’ve tried to keep my phone turned to do not disturb and all that good stuff. I can’t deal with all the racket when I’m trying to focus on something. 

So, yes, the second time through, for me, is of high value. 

Personal Happenings

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Now, let’s get ot our guest today. 

Sometimes, we have doctors on as guests that not everyone knows. I think that if you do not know our next guest, you either should or will know him in due time. He is a mover and shaker in our profession and is really just getting started. Some people cannot be ignored and I think our guest is one of those. Without a doubt. 

He is the current President of the North Dakota Chiropractic Association and was voted Chriopractor of the Year last year for the NDCA. That’s a pretty big deal. 

He has worked on behalf of the State of North Dakota with payers, legislatyors, government agencies, and other healthcare and community stakeholders. We’ll be finding out more about that in a bit. 

He has helped conduct research on safety as well on a smoking cessation pilot study.  

He was part of a study team whose systematic review of manual therapy for pediatric patients was published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 

He treats part time as an employee of his local FQHC. Which stands for Federally Qualified Health Center. He’s their first chiropractor so I can’t wait to learn more about how that is progressing and what challenges he is encountering as he goes. 

If all of that were not enough, he is currently the AMA RUC HCPAC ACA Alternate Advisor. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what that is because I had to ask too. We’ll tell you about it. Some of it is super double top secret but interesting for sure. 

He is also in the middle of a North Dakota Department of Health grant to help expand detection and management of hypertension within our profession. 

Now….now do you see why we have him here with us today? You may or may not know the name Kris Anderson but I feel confident the entire profession is going to know who he is by the time he’s done leaving his dent on our profession. 

We are happy to welcome Dr. Kris Anderson to the Chiropractic Forward Podcast today. Thank you for joining us today Dr. Anderson. 

My first question for you is, “When the hell do you ever sleep?” You have a ton of stuff going on.

I noticed on your CV that you worked as a barista at Starbuck’s during your time at Palmer. I’m not sure how anyone can hold a job while going through chiropractic college but, is this a skill that has paid off for you? Do you have an espresso machine in your office?

When I go through your information, you are involved in so many things. For example, I see your are District 4’s representative for Clinical Compass, Delphi Panelist, Grantee from ND Dept. of Health, Committee member for Notrh Dakota State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, ACA, and on and on. Where does all of this stem from? I’ve never even considered district representative for Clinical Compass was even a thing. Lol. 

We covered a paper you were part of back in Episode #68. In fact, that may be how we became familiar with each other. The paper was callled “Manual therapy for the pediatric population: a systematic review. It was in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine(Prevost C 2019) just this year. I want to know all about it. How did you get involved with the team? Tell us a little about the process. 

This study came out at just about the same time as the Australians and certain spots in Canada started dealing with attacks on their rights to treat pediatric patients woith chiropractic care. What amazing timing. First, are pediatric patients a significant part of your practice and secondly, what has been the reception globally in regards to the paper’s findings?

As you probably well know, Texas has been in quite a battle with our state medical association. You are clearly as deeply involved in your state’s association. What challenges are the North Dakota chiropractors facing in 2019?

Do you have any specific goals to work on as President of the North Dakota Chiropractic Association?

Tell me about the gig with the FQHC? Dr. James Lehman was on our podcast in episode #55 and he was discussing the FQHC’s and integrating. He felt integration into them would be helped by completing a specialization like the DACO or something like that. What is your opinion on that? How did you get involved? 

What does your day at the FQHC look like?

Being the FQHC’s first chiropractor, what biases or other issues are you finding yourself having to address and navigate?

Tell us more about the grant you are in the middle of for the North Dakota Department of Health? How did it come about? What is the mission?

Let’s talk about alphabet soup….. AMA RUC HCPAC ACA Alternate Advisor. I promise, almost no person alive knows what all of that stands for so do us a favor and break it down for us and tell me what the purpose is. What’s the goal and how does it help chiropractors?

Those of us that have been active know the difference between being a member and being an active member. What has it meant to you both personally and professionally to not only be a member of your state association but to also be active in it? 

When we are sitting in our offices in Amarillo, TX or in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Washington DC and the ACA seems far away and somewhat out of reach. What have you seen is an effective way to become active with the ACA on a national level?

What’s coming down the pike for you in the next 5 years and in the next 10 years? Where do you see all of your efforts headed. Or where do you hope they’re headed?

Thanks for joining us

Chiropractic evidence-based products

Integrating Chiropractors
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The Message

I want you to know with absolute certainty that when Chiropractic is at its best, you can’t beat the risk vs reward ratio because spinal pain is primarily a movement-related pain and typically responds better to movement-related treatment instead of chemical treatments like pills and shots.

When compared to the traditional medical model, research and clinical experience show that many patients get good or excellent results through chiropractic for headaches, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, to name just a few.

Chiropractic care is safe and cost-effective. It can decrease instances of surgery & disability. Chiropractors normally do this through conservative, non-surgical means with minimal time requirements or hassle to the patient. 

And, if the patient develops a “preventative” mindset going forward from initial recovery, chiropractors can likely keep it that way while raising the general, overall level of health of the patient!

Key Point:

Patients should have the guarantee of having the best treatment offering the least harm.

That’s Chiropractic!


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Help us get to the top of podcasts in our industry. That’s how we get the message out. 


We can’t wait to connect with you again next week. From the Chiropractic Forward Podcast flight deck, this is Dr. Jeff Williams saying upward, onward, and forward. 


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Prevost C, G. B., Carleo B, (2019). “Manual therapy for the pediatric population: a systematic review.” BMC Comp Altern Med 19(60).

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